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Curious about navigating a potential maze of expenses and avoiding scams? Rest assured, the process is surprisingly straightforward. Begin right away on our website with ease.

We’re here to assist with any additional forms that require signatures, and our therapists are ready to engage with your landlord whenever needed.

  • Residents in Arkansas, California, and Montana should note that recent laws mandate establishing a 30-day client-provider relationship before issuing ESA letters for dogs. This means two consultations are required before qualification

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  1. At Ongo Care, we stand by the effectiveness of our letters, ensuring a stress-free experience for keeping your pet. Our money-back guarantee reflects our commitment. In rare instances of an ESA letter being unlawfully denied, we provide a full 100% refund. If your legitimate ESA letter faces illegal rejection by your landlord, we stand by our promise to refund your entire purchase price.

  2. Ongo Care is fully compliant with federal and state laws, meticulously ensuring that our ESA & PSD operations adhere to legal standards for housing, travel, and HIPAA.

  3. Our team comprises world-class mental health professionals with a vast network of experienced, licensed practitioners. Rest assured, you will receive your legitimate ESA letter within a timeline that suits your specific needs.

  4. Ongo Care collaborates with licensed mental health professionals in every state, ensuring the validity of your ESA letter regardless of your current or future location.

  5. Count on Ongo Care for best-in-class support, fully aligned with emotional support animal laws across all 50 states. If faced with an illegal denial by your landlord, our mental health professionals offer additional support and verification. In situations requiring extra documentation for landlords or travel organizations, our customer service team is available 7 days a week from 9 AM to 5 PM ET. Contact us at 888.503.8595

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