Frequently Asked Questions

Telemedicine Service





Is the prescription generated by Ongo Care's doctor valid?

Yes. Our doctor’s note generated during the online consultation is as good as a physical doctor’s and valid in any state.

Are online consultations on Ongo Care secure?

Yes. Our telehealth or online virtual care is conducted over a secure network with patient data and privacy carefully protected.

Are online virtual care or online doctor consultation cheaper?

Online doctor consultations are more affordable and convenient. It is cost-effective because it eliminates travel-related expenses. Apart from cost saving, you save time and don’t have to wait for your turn in long queues.

Are video and audio consultations the same price?

Yes. The online care system cost is related to the doctor’s time rather than the technology used.

How do I set up an account for the online consultation?

Please follow the instructions provided.

I am not good with technology. Can I still access telehealth support?

Telehealth uses user-friendly telecommunications technologies. Most people can engage easily in a telehealth method of delivery. Telehealth consultation requires a phone with an internet connection. If you can operate a smartphone, you can easily use any telehealth service.

How do I get an online virtual care doctor visit?

You can book online health services on Ongo Care. Register on our website with your basic details, select the type of doctor you want to consult, and book your appointment with the doctor. That’s enough to do for online virtual care visits!